About Me

Roland Ledoux

Pastor, Blog Writer and Amateur Photographer


Roland is Pastor of an Outreach and Teaching Ministry, Oasis Bible Ministry which is dedicated to fundamental Biblical Teaching, Encouragement and Intercessory prayer.

He currently lives with his wife of over 49 years and a beautiful, yet spoiled, yellow Lab whom we affectionately call Bella.

He was recently side-tracked with a bout of neck cancer but is getting that under control and looking forward to resume camera shooting.

That is what this blog is all about. Hope you all enjoy the endeavors!

He recently took up amateur photography after many, many years of “point and click” shooting with basic cameras.

He has been learning more advanced techniques in using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and has thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures of many different subjects.


You can contact Roland through email or visit his other WordPress blog-site, For The Love of God or his email at: forgodslove52@outlook.com