Welcome To My First Post!

Delta Memorial Hospital Oncology Dept-1

Thanks for joining me on my new photography journey. I am still learning but having a blast doing so. I’m also proof that you CAN teach old dogs new tricks, for I’m 68 years old and after spending a lifetime with simple basic cameras, I thought it was time to explore the world of amateur photography with a little bit more advanced camera.

Just to let everyone know I am disabled and rely on a wheelchair though I’m not “tied” to it, but it does limit my ability to go places the average person can go and yet it hasn’t stopped me from practicing yet!

Also, I have been fighting neck cancer since a little over a year ago, so am recuperating from all that nonsense as well. I may not post too much at first, but as time goes by, I hope to be adding more pictures. Some may come with stories behind them and some will just be me practicing, but bear with me and I’m sure there will be something that you will enjoy.

For those interested and maybe looking to explore the field of photography for yourselves, I use a Canon EOS 2000D. It was very affordable and for an entry level camera, it has all the “bells and whistles” a beginner would need to get started.

So for now, just want to say thanks again and hope you enjoy the pics I post as I experiment with photography, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop!

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